Hyundai Leasing in the Bronx

Originating from South Korea, Hyundai has been full of surprises. From the old days when the brand suffered due to its commitment and priority towards price rather than drivability, Hyundai has grown to become a top quality car manufacturer at very reasonable prices. Choosing a Hyundai can be confusing as there are several models to choose from at nominal price points. In fact almost all their vehicles are $30,000 or less making Hyundai one of the best options for someone looking for comfort and quality without paying excessively.
At Bronx Car Leasing, we can help you decide on which Hyundai model is right for you and setup an attractive lease where you will be paying only a tiny fraction that will hardly make a dent on your wallet on a monthly basis. We have leasing plans for any Hyundai model. Even if you want to go for the premium Equus which will cost you a lot more than any other Hyundai model, we can structure a leasing plan that will make the car affordable without having to make any financial sacrifices.

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An Assortment of Brands

We are not just a dealer of Hyundai cars. At Bronx Car Dealing, you get an entire collection of brands to choose from. We don’t just offer a couple of models either. We feature all the main models of virtually every major brand. So if you are happy with a Hyundai but have your options open and would like to consider alternate brands, you don’t have to drive all around the Bronx to compare and find the best deal, you can do that with just a single phone call.
That’s right, our staff are well knowledgeable with all car models. The elimination of a physical car dealership allows us to work with various brands without any limitations of space and resources. While we agree that Hyundai has a distinct advantage by offering cars at a very high value for money, we would be happy to give you a side by side comparison with other car models that you may be interested in for your lease.
If you do like the Hyundai manufacturer, however we carry all the best models including the following. The Accent hatchback, Accent sedan, Azera sedan, Elantra coupe, Elantra GT hatchback, Elantra sedan, Equus sedan, Genesis coupe, Genesis sedan, Santa Fe sport SUV, Santa Fe, SUV, Sonata hybrid sedan, Sonata sedan, Tucson SUV and the Veloster hatchback.

Flexible payment structure

We have leases available for any Hyundai model of your choice. On top of that, we are willing to be quite flexible with our payment structure. You are not restricted to a limited choice in terms of payment period and amounts. We also offer reasonable terms if you would like to transfer your lease or terminate it early so you don’t have to feel that you are going to be constrained and attached to your Hyundai for the entire period of your lease.

Lease a Hyundai Today!

You can call Bronx Car Leasing on 929-332-2299 for a quick assessment and discussion before you plan your lease. We are happy to bring the car to you whether it is for a test drive or for delivery. We do not charge any additional fees for delivery. Get started today with our great car lease specials!