Auto Lease Termination in the Bronx

Most of us don’t pay much attention to the ramifications of an auto lease termination agreement. With the stress and hassle that comes with setting up your lease, the logical course of action would be to deal with termination when it happens, which is a few years after starting your lease. We cannot stress on the importance of lease termination terms enough which is why we always encourage and recommend all our new customers to be well informed of the termination part of the contract to prevent any unwanted surprises.
At Bronx Car Leasing, our goal is to help you complete your lease and the formalities with as little hassle as possible on your part.

Things to Keep in Mind

As you approach the end of your lease, bear in mind that there are standard procedures that are adhered to with any leasing agreement:
• Inspection of your vehicle
A few weeks or months prior to the end of your lease, we will inspect the car and assess the condition. We will look in to all aspects of the vehicle including the engine, mileage and overall wear and tear in terms of appearance and usage.
• Mileage
Most leasing agreements come with a mileage limitation. This is in place to typically protect the leasing company and the car from excess use and wear and tear. If you have exceeded this amount, you will be liable to pay extra fees. It is important to keep this in mind from day 01 when you first get your vehicle.
• Ordinary wear and tear
Leasing companies will charge you for excess wear and tear. This is a common topic of debate and arguments with customers and leasing companies as both parties tend to have different opinions on what is considered to be ordinary wear and tear. Make sure you discuss this aspect in great detail before you get your lease.

Terminating your lease early

In some cases, you may not be heading toward the end of your lease contract but circumstances may dictate you to end your lease early. There are different procedures involved for this and it can be rather costly for a consumer. At Bronx Car Leasing, we are not opposed to a customer ending their lease early and we are happy to discuss and establish a course of action that is not too costly for our customers.

Find out more

If you are heading towards the end of your lease contract, don’t put off any lingering doubts or concerns in your mind. Pick up the phone and call 929-332-2299 to discuss the termination of your lease. If you are not currently working with Bronx Car Leasing and would like to start your new lease agreement with us, we will be happy to help you make the switch from your leasing company smooth and without too much of a hassle.