Auto Lease Returns with Bronx Car Leasing

You just got a hold of your brand new favorite car model at a fraction of the price. You had to read and sign several words of documentation about your lease return that you were too excited to read about. Fast forward three years later and you are dreading the end of your lease contract. Lease returns don’t have to be that complicated. With Bronx Car Leasing, we simplify the process and help you return your vehicle with ease.
We are happy to accept your car even if you acquired the initial lease from another dealership. The main aspects to consider here is excess mileage and damages beyond ordinary wear and tear. Ordinary wear and tear can be defined differently by dealers and customers. We ensure that we minimize losses or our customers with a relaxed, lenient inspection. Just give us a call and we will perform a thorough inspection of your car. With our large choice of vehicles, we can also arrange for a trade where we provide you with a new vehicle as you return your old car.

Reduce costs when you work with Bronx Car Leasing

While we are quite profit oriented, thanks to the absence of our physical lot, we can process lease returns without making it a nightmare for our customers. There are plenty of horror stories of customers turning in their vehicle to their auto lease provider only to receive a bill of several thousands of dollars. We can help you reduce costs. Dealerships tend to charge the customers for excessive wear and tear such as worn out tires, a simple work around to this solution is to replace your tires a few months to a year before it’s time for your lease return.
There are several other tips such as this that you can incorporate to keep your costs low. If you work with us for your lease return, irrespective of who you worked with, we will be happy to give you sound advice to lower your costs as much as possible.

Exiting a lease early

Dealerships do not encourage cancellation of a lease prematurely and for that reason impose strict limitations and heavy fees for this. We understand that customers can sometimes have a change of heart and have flexible terms on this with minimized cancellation charges. This will give you a sense of flexibility without feeling as if you are tied down or attached to a particular vehicle for as long as the lease contract is valid. We will be happy to swap your existing vehicle with another without heavily taxing you for your change of heart.

Contact Us

If you are approaching the end of your lease contract or looking to change your lease terms, you can give us a call at 929-332-2299 and discuss how to proceed in a hassle free and economical manner without the consequences of heavy fees and long processing times. Our car leasing service is here for you.