We are hiring!

Do you have a passion for cars and a thirst for knowledge about vehicles that you can’t seem to quench? Are you a caring, empathetic individual who is genuinely looking to help people in need? Are you reasonably versed with the concept of leasing? Then you might just be the person we are looking for!
At Bronx Car Leasing, we are seeking dynamic, outspoken individuals with a passion for cars and sales to be part of a team looking to propel a new age automotive organization to the next level. Our minimalistic business model allows us to focus on the people that run the organization, our employees and customers. Due to our different business model, we understand that you may not have direct experience with some of our concepts so all relevant training “on the job” will be provided.
If you are excited to work with an auto leasing company with a spin on the traditional business model, get in touch with us and we will be happy to consider your proposal. We offer an attractive remuneration package with adequate benefits.

An Innovative Business Model

If you are looking for a traditional car lot where you service walk-in customers, this job may not be for you. At Bronx Car Leasing, we do things differently. We have recognized that the main purpose behind auto leasing is to provide brand new, top notch vehicles at a low price so that people of any pay grade can afford a comfortable, late model car. For this reason, we have eliminated the use of a physical car lot which accrues the highest cost for car leasing companies and have opted for a completely web based solution.
All aspects about a vehicle can be found via our interactive website. With the absence of the limitations of a physical space, we have contracts with virtually every major car manufacturer allowing us to provide a large selection of vehicles to choose from. This makes it an ideal job opportunity if you are truly passionate about cars as you will require education of a very broad range of vehicles. Employees at our organization are highly knowledgeable in virtually every car model allowing them to provide sound advice when customers are unsure of which vehicle would be suited to their needs.
Our company is more customers focused than sales focused. Your job responsibility includes overall consulting with your customer for choosing a vehicle, reducing monthly and overall payments as well as all matters of leasing including early termination and lease transfers.

Send us your CV

Now that you have a reasonable understanding of our business, you can send us your CV and will be happy to spend some time with you to find out if you would be a good fit for our organization. You can also give us a call on 929-332-2299 for further information upon application. You may be the next valuable member of our auto leasing agency.